Woodworking – Cabinet Doors

I built these cabinet doors to replace two doors on a standard store-bought cabinet that we use as a bathroom storage cabinet, during our bathroom renovation. This is an easy woodworking project. Here are the ugly cabinet doors before I removed them. They are nothing more than MDF with formica cover. Here are the 2…



        Always give dimensions of a board in the cabinet shop in Width (across the grain), then Length (along the grain) and Thickness (depth). A 6” X 12” X ¾” is a board 6 inches wide, 12 inches long and ¾ inch thick.  If you are in the carpenter shop give thickness,…


Bathroom Vanity

I took an old dresser and with a little woodworking, modified it into a bathroom vanity. The dresser was purchased from a Habitat for Humanity store for $30.00. I had to rebuild two of the drawers before I could refinish the piece. We used the dresser, as seen here, for a while before converting it…


Wood Bench

Old metal ends of wood bench that has rotted away. You can clean with a wire brush or sand blast if you have the equipment. Use a good rust prohibitor primer then outdoor paint of your choice. Install new boards, I used oak wood recycled from pallets.


Historic Gums & Resins

The following is a list of gums and resins traditionally used in furniture finishes. They are all natural exudation from either trees, the fruits of trees or from parasitic insects that feed on trees. It seems appropriate that they also produce the best finishes for wood. The color, density, hardness, brittleness and durability range greatly….

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