September 2015 Newsletter

For the first time in a while, we had a speaker at our August meeting. Bernd Krause gave a wonderful presentation on the history of the mountain dulcimer, complete with sample replicas of each instrument. The newsletter included a page of images from our 2015 New York State Fair demonstration and included a feature … As Heard at the 2015 Fair.

Highlights Our August  Meeting

“I may not make it to the meetings regularly but I belong to SWWA to receive the newsletter.  It’s chock full of great information!”

The molding plane can have many different profiles and as such is very versatile. Terry Dote and Peter Oster teamed up to give a great presentation about these versatile tools.  Our Show & Tell included entertainment risers, a ladder fire truck, a roller, a serving tray, a doll bed, turkey calls, a peg loom, a natural edged table, a 3 legged bowl, a Noah’s ark plaque, and a discussion of the Henry O. Studley Tool Cabinet and Workbench.

Photographing Your Woodworking Projects

Highlights Our June Meeting

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Highlights Our July Meeting

Skip Couch gave a great presentation about building boats, a task he’s been doing since he was 13. Before his presentation, five people participated in our Show & Tell session.   The newsletter included a write-up of our ornament sales in Skaneateles.

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Highlights Our September Meeting

Cutting wood requires sharp tools.  In September, John Meloling and Bob Norton discussed and demonstrated sharpening for attendees.  Members who helped out at during the 2015 New York State Fair were also recognized during the meeting.  We had a light Show & Tell session with only five people participating.

Highlights of Our 10th Woodworker’s Challenge

Our November meeting was our annual Woodworker’s Challenge – our 10th.  Members entered projects in seven categories – furniture, accessories, turnings, scrolled, carved & sculpted, toys, and what-not.  We had 53 projects entered, 34 members participate, and 23 vendors providing nearly $1800 in prizes including Franklin International who provided enough glue bottles so each person who entered a project received a prize.  Prizes were determined by vote of those in attendance at the meeting.

Highlights of Our October Meeting

Methods for photographing our projects better were the topic in October. Dr. Mark Safran was our featured speaker.  The newsletter includes photos of several pieces discussed in our Show & Tell session and summarizes our sale of ornaments & such at the Manlius Historical Society sale.

2015 Newsletters

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Will the American Chestnut Return?

Highlights of Our February Meeting

Our December meeting was our annual Holiday Party The newsletter also includes a story about our ornament sales to support local children’s charities.

Dudley Frasure’s Adirondack Pack Basket

Highlights of Our January Meeting

The weather in January was clear and nearly 100 people enjoyed a lively presentation by Mike Danial about Stickley.  Seven members participated in the monthly Show & Tell session. The Scrolling Interest Group was postponed until February due to weather. The newsletter includes a story about the Springfield Woodworking Show.

Highlights of Our December Holiday Party

Another nice night in the depth of Upstate New York winter and about 90 people attended the February SWWA meeting with Tim Wimmer giving a wonderful presentation thru pictures and artifacts about how Dudley Frasure built Adirondack Pack Baskets.  Our Show & Tell was light with just five people participating.  The Scrolling Interest Group meeting was well attended and they started toward making scrolled bowls.

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