Christmas Party

Great Food

Great Conversation

A Great Evening

SWWA members love to celebrate and they are very generous.  Since its founding in 1991, club members have gathered in December at a local restaurant to relax, enjoy a wonderful meal, and chat with fellow woodworkers and family.  As members arrive, they bring a wide array ‘toys’, all constructed with much love.  Usually, made of wood, the toys are donated to a local food pantry which distributes them to about 250 children who would otherwise not receive a gift on Christmas. Along with toys, members generously provide wrapping paper and tape so the gifts can be wrapped by the Food Pantry staff.

The ‘toys’ constructed by members are not just traditional toys such as puzzles, pull toys, vehicles, trains, doll beds, marble slides, tool boxes, etc.  Items such as jewelry boxes, blankets, mittens, hats, scarves, and jewelry are also donated by members and members’ family.

The evening includes a raffle for door prizes donated by attendees and purchased by the club. Special presentations are also held, thanking members and their families that helped during the year. Sometimes we have special visitors.

Some of the toys donated over the years are shown in the first, third-fifth photos below.  The sixth photo shows some of the door prizes from over the past several years.  The second photo has images from our 2014 event.

Door Prizes from Previous Events


Thank you SWWA members for your ongoing generosity!

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