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General Resources / Toy Supplies / Shaker

There are several websites that contain a vast amount of information for every woodworker.  Also, there are resources for procuring supplies for making toys.  And, there are sites for learning about the Shakers.  These sites are listed below.

General Woodworking Online Resources

A History of Woodworking  

Jim Barry’s Woodworkers Workshop


Mac’s Finishing Notebook - Lots of articles on finishing techniques based on 50 years of experience.

Nick Engler’s Workshop Companion

Popular Woodworking.com

Vintage Machinery - Very interesting site with manuals to be downloaded for old machines. Great site check it out with lots of information available.
WoodBin - Woodworking software, reference material, how-to articles, and other stuff to help you with your woodworking projects.


Woodgears.ca - An Engineer’s Approach to Woodworking

Wood Magazine.com


Woodturner’s Resource

Woodturning Online


The Wood Whisperer


Woodworker’s Central - Woodworker’s Website Association


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Toy Making Supplies

American Woodcrafters Supply Co. - A source for wooden parts as well as various hardware for supplies

Benny’s Woodworks - Another source for wooden parts

Cherry Tree - Wooden toy parts & plans

Consumer Crafts - Website with a variety of craft-related supplies.

Craft America - Another source for wooden parts

Factory Direct Craft - Website with a variety of craft-related supplies.

Jewelry Supply - A good source for smaller hardware and embellishments

Toymaking Plans.com - Website with tons of original toy plans.

Vintage Games Woodworking Plans - Source for plans for vintage games

Woodworks Ltd - Yep another source for small wooden parts etc.


Making Shaker Boxes - John Wilson & Eric Pintar website  

Christian Becksvoort - Traditional & Modern Methods used to make quality Shaker furniture.

United Society of Shakers - Link to the Sabbathday Lake community established in 1794.

Hancock Shaker Village - Website for Hancock Shaker Village, an open community.