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SWWA Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held in the Community Room at Belgium Cold Springs Fire Department’s Station One which is at 7920 River Road, Baldwinsville, NY.  The meetings generally start at 6:30pm and end by 9pm. Attendees start assembling around 6pm to enjoy conversation and review of displayed items. Each month we feature a different topic, demonstration, or event based on member’s interests and market forces.  Our 2016 meeting schedule can be viewed by clicking here. In addition to the featured event, we have a Show & Tell session, a business meeting, and hold raffles.

Monthly Meeting Topics

Many topics have been covered by monthly SWWA meetings during its 25 years of existence. Some of the topics we’ve explored are listed below. The Board welcomes suggestions from members for topics to be covered.  

Special Meetings & Events

Certain meeting nights the event is one of our special events.  Members love these events and rarely do we change the month in which they are scheduled.  More details of these special meetings can be found here.


Alternative Wood Sources

Making Cutting Boards

Antique Tools

Making Mortise & Tenons

Bending Techniques[- Steam, Water, Electrical

Rust Removal

Boat Building – Canoes, Kayaks, & Skiffs

Scroll Sawing

Cabinet Making

Sharpening Tools

Clock Repair

Shingle Making


Shop Electricity

Cutting Mortise &Tenon


Deciphering & Using Project Drawings

Spalting Wood

Decorative Corners with the Router

Stickley Stories

Double-Bevel Marquetry

The Shaker World

Dulcimer Building

Timber Framing

Dust Collection

Turkey Calls

Electrifying the Shop

Turning a Bracelet

Finishing Techniques

Turning a Peppermill

French Polishing

Using a Scraper

Hand Cut Dovetails

Using Stains & Dyes to Color Projects

Hand Plane Use


Hand Scrapers Use

Windsor Chair Production

Harden Furniture - An Inside Look


Instrument Repair

Wood Collecting

Jigs for Easier Woodworking

Wood Spalting

Joinery Techniques



Workshop Construction

Lamination Techniques

Vendor Presentations