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SWWA’s 6th Annual Woodworker’s Challenge 2011

The 2011 edition of the Woodworker’s Challenge had 28 projects entered, five more than in 2010.

Furniture - 6 entries - 1st place to Steve Flood with his red oak Richfield grandfather clock

Accessories - 4 entries - 1st place to Bruce Meissner for his ash, furniture-quality router cabinet

Turned Projects - 8 entries - 1st place to Bob Norton for his maple, walnut, black veneer, & mahogany 18 layer segmented bowl

Scrolled Projects - 4 entries - 1st place to Paul Granger for his fretwork Golden Spike train picture of maple

Toys - 3 entries - 1st place to Wilbur Chatterton for his red cedar, walnut, & cherry truck

What-Not - 2 entries - 1st place to Tony Baleno with his oak original design guitar stand with scrolled musical notes

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Winning Projects in 2011

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